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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bylis logo is one of the Kategoria Superiore logos and is an example of the sports industry logo from Albania. According to our data, the KF Bylis logotype was designed for the sports industry. You can learn more about the Bylis brand on the website.

Logomarks, also known as brandmarks, consist of logos represented solely by a symbol, emblem, or visual imagery. Brands usually adopt brandmarks after achieving widespread recognition, enabling them to omit their company name from the logo.

The distinction between logotype, logomark, and logo lies in their design and focus. A logotype is a type of logo that prominently features a company name or its initials as the central element. On the other hand, a logomark is a logo that revolves around a symbolic image or icon, rather than relying on the company name. Finally, the term "logo" encompasses all types of marks used to represent a brand, including both logotypes and logomarks.

"Logo" or "Logotype" refers to a visual symbol or graphic representation that represents a company, brand, organization, or product. It is a unique and identifiable design element that serves as a visual representation of the entity it represents.

Logos are crucial for brand recognition and differentiation in the business world. They help establish a strong brand presence and convey the identity and values of a company like KF Bylis. A well-designed logo plays a vital role in marketing, appearing on websites, packaging, advertisements, and social media profiles to reinforce Bylis's brand identity and foster brand loyalty.

Creating an effective logo involves capturing comapy's essence and conveying it in a concise and memorable manner. Bylis's logo may incorporate text, such as KF Bylis or its initials, along with visual elements like symbols, icons, or emblems.

A high-quality logo for a company should be distinctive, simple, versatile, and scalable across different mediums. Its design should effectively communicate Bylis's message and evoke the desired emotions or associations with the brand. Professional graphic designers or branding agencies are typically involved in creating KF Bylis's logo, ensuring alignment with Bylis's visual identity and marketing goals. In summary, a well-crafted logo is essential for KF Bylis as it represents the brand's reputation, values, and promises made to customers. By establishing brand recognition, logo becomes a valuable asset in the competitive business landscape.

As a general rule, third parties may not use the Bylis logo without permission given by the logo and (or) trademark owner Kategoria Superiore. For any questions about the legal use of the logo, please contact the Kategoria Superiore directly. You can find contact information on the website

We strive to find official logotypes and brand colors, including the Bylis logo, from open sources, such as,,,, and other websites; however, we cannot guarantee the Bylis logo on this web page is accurate, official, or up-to-date. To get the official Bylis logo, please get in touch with the Kategoria Superiore directly or go to

By downloading the Bylis logo from this website, you agree that the logo provided "as-is." All the materials appearing on the website (including company names, logotypes, brand names, brand colors, and website URLs) could include technical, typographical, or photographic errors or typos.

We do not claim any rights to the Bylis logo and provide the logo for informational and non-commercial purposes only. You may not use or register, or otherwise claim ownership in any Bylis trademark, including as or as part of any trademark, service mark, company name, trade name, username, or domain registration. You do not suppose to share a link to this web page as the source of the "official Bylis logo" or "official KF Bylis logo." Thank you.

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