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Brown is a color that is typically associated with the color of wood or earth. It is a warm, neutral color that is often described as being rich, earthy, and natural. Brown can range in shade from a light beige to a deep, dark chocolate color. It is often associated with stability, dependability, and reliability, and is often used in designs to create a sense of warmth and comfort.

AB InBev logo preview

AB InBev

Belgium → alcohol
Ado Den Haag logo preview

Ado Den Haag

Netherlands → sports
Adobe Fuse logo preview

Adobe Fuse

United States → software
Agrello logo preview


Global → crypto
Air Atlanta Icelandic logo preview

Air Atlanta Icelandic

Iceland → airlines
Akron Zips logo preview

Akron Zips

United States → sports
Altoona Curve logo preview

Altoona Curve

United States → sports
Angry Orchard logo preview

Angry Orchard

United States → beverages
Antalya Valiligi logo preview

Antalya Valiligi

Turkey → politics
ANU AU logo preview


Australia → education
Arkansas Fort Smith Lions logo preview

Arkansas Fort Smith Lions

United States → sports
Army Black Knights logo preview

Army Black Knights

United States → sports
Ateam logo preview


Japan → entertaiment
Australia logo preview


Australia → sports
Avocent logo preview


United States → manufacturing
AW Restaurants logo preview

AW Restaurants

United States → restaurants
AW Root Beer logo preview

AW Root Beer

United States → beverages
BakeryToken logo preview


Global → crypto
Barnsley logo preview


United Kingdom → sports
Barrow logo preview


United Kingdom → sports

The emotions and associations that people have with the color brown can vary depending on the individual and the context in which the color is used. Here are some common associations and emotions that are often associated with the color brown:

Overall, the emotions and associations that people have with the color brown can be quite varied and depend on the context in which it is used.