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Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty, luxury, creativity, and spirituality. It is a combination of the warm color red and the cool color blue, and is often seen as a balanced, calming color. Purple is often used in design to create a sense of sophistication and luxury, and is often associated with creativity and imagination. In terms of its psychological effects, purple is often seen as a calming and peaceful color. It is often associated with spirituality and contemplation, and is sometimes used in meditation and relaxation practices. There are many different shades of purple, ranging from a pale, almost lavender color to a deep, rich plum color. Different shades of purple can have slightly different associations and psychological effects, with lighter shades often being seen as more playful and romantic, while darker shades are often seen as more formal and sophisticated.

88mph logo preview


Global → crypto
Aave logo preview


Global → crypto
AB Sound logo preview

AB Sound

Canada → retail
Abita Beer logo preview

Abita Beer

United States → beverages
Acala Network logo preview

Acala Network

Global → crypto
Accel logo preview


United States → banking and finance
Achain logo preview


Global → crypto
ACU logo preview


United States → sports
Adani logo preview


India → consulting
ADATA logo preview


Taiwan → electronics
Adobe Audition logo preview

Adobe Audition

United States → software
Adobe Prelude logo preview

Adobe Prelude

United States → software
Aetna logo preview


United States → healthcare
Affinity Photo logo preview

Affinity Photo

United Kingdom → software
After Effects logo preview

After Effects

United States → software
Agoda logo preview


Singapore → travel
Agrello logo preview


Global → crypto
Air Macau logo preview

Air Macau

China → aerospace
Akatsuki logo preview


Japan → entertaiment
Akropolis logo preview


Global → crypto

Purple is often associated with a range of emotions and associations, including:

Overall, the emotions and associations that people have with the color purple can vary depending on the individual and the context in which the color is used.